We are one of the leading companies in the world of Gaming Entertainment. CASHPOINT, XTiP and Totolotek Brands belong to CASHPOINT Partners.
CASHPOINT defines this as a customer who registers with one or more of our products for the first time (online and/or retail) and makes an initial deposit using any one of the company's accepted payment methods.
No. CASHPOINT Partners Affiliate Program is completely free of charge.
First, you must read and accept our terms and conditions. Then, you need to complete our affiliate registration form. After your application is submitted and you have been approved, you will receive a Welcome Email with information on how to get started.
The affiliate program allows you to make money by referring customers to CASHPOINT, XTiP and Totolotek. This can be done by placing marketing tools of CASHPOINT Partners to your website(s). Every time you refer a customer to us and they place a bet (in any product offered by our Brands), you will earn a commission from the net margin. Every month, we’ll pay you for all the commissions you have earned during that month. It’s that simple!
Yes, you can have multiple sites as an affiliate of ours. You will have one affiliate account with us that you can use it to track the performance of each of your sites individually.
Yes, of course, you can promote all brands, CASHPOINT, XTiP and Totolotek.
CASHPOINT Partners uses the most popular and reliable service to track all statistics: Income Access. It is easy to use and 100% accurate. You can access the most important statistical factors that concern your business – such as banner impressions, clicks, sign ups, number of depositing players, net revenue and commission – with just one click.
The cookie duration is 30 days and last click gets credit for the referral.
In case you do not remember your password, on the LOGIN page, click on Forgotten Password? (Text under the user name in the login window).
Your commission is calculated using this formula:
Net Revenue = Gross Revenue – Bonuses – Admin fee*– Taxes.

*admin fee is % cost on Gross Revenue. It is different for traffic from each country (depending upon your recruited players’ country of origin), including a payment relating to transaction handling and other service related costs).
If your commission within a certain month is negative, it means that your referred customers win. Don’t worry, CASHPOINT Partners will NOT charge you. However in that month you won’t earn any commissions. CASHPOINT Partners will carry over the negative losses to the next month.
Stats on CASHPOINT Partners are updated on "real-time" however commissions earned and registrations are updated once per day.
No, this is not allowed and grounds for termination of your affiliate account. Players and/or affiliates are not allowed to create an affiliate account in order to get a cashback/commission on their own losses.
Affiliates are paid a commission once a month and payments are processed and sent not by the 10th-15th day of each month. We make every effort to pay your commission as fast as possible.
The minimum earnings you need to generate within a given month are 50 in order to receive payment. If your commission earned is less than 50 within a given month, your earnings will be rolled over to the next month until it reaches 50 or more.
A sub-affiliate is a new affiliate which is referred by an existing affiliate of CASHPOINT Partners. Existing affiliates can refer new affiliates via their unique sub-affiliate link. Once your referred affiliate has signed up, you can achieve additional earnings for every customer that your sub-affiliate sends to us. Easy!
Please feel free to send an email affiliates@cashpointpartners.com for support or contact your affiliate manager directly.